shop clothing sewn from sally fox's colorganic®

What Is Colorganic® Cotton?

Danu Organic puts fiber first because clothes are made from fiber, so what could be of more importance? Except human safety and we’ve got that covered too.

Right now, we are working solely with Sally Fox’s colorganic® cotton. If we expand in the future, we will only bring on another fabric if we know who grew it, where and why.

What is colorganic® cotton?

Most people aren’t aware but cotton grows in several colors besides common white. Cotton historically also grew in a shade of golden-red and a mossy green.

Who’s behind colorganic® cotton?

Sally Fox, a farmer & scientist, who lives about one hour outside of San Francisco, came across this colored cotton in 1982 and has been breeding it to perfection ever sense.

Where does colorganic® cotton grow?

Initially, Sally grew the cotton on her own farm but to grow enough to meet the mill’s quantity, Sally partners with an organic grower in Texas. She’s been working with this farmer for many years.

Why is colorganic® cotton a big deal?

You’ve probably seen hip companies saying quippy things like their dye is sequestered before it even has time to think about running into a river, etc, etc. Unless we’re talking natural dyes, dye is an incredibly toxic part of clothing manufacturing. The chemicals that make our clothing brightly colored are toxic, no matter where they go, and they have to go somewhere. Plus, have you ever got a new red shirt, worn it, and found that you too are now red? Unfortunately I have. And from an organic clothing company at that! We’re interested in getting products as close to nature as possible. We may one day dye our colorganic® cotton with plants but until then, it’s undyed for us please! 

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