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The organic fabric and natural dye processes we use to make clothing heals the earth. It's also perfectly safe & healthy for our bodies. In a world overflowing with toxic plastic clothes questionably made, we're exploring a new path forward for fashion. What is good for us is good for the earth! How beautiful is that?

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We are creating a future for fashion that heals the planet and doesn't hurt the people who wear, make and grow clothing.

At Danu, earth comes first, because without the earth, we are nothing.

There is so much buzz about "green" fabrics these days and most of it just isn't true. We stick old-fashioned, high-quality fabrics made from organic plants with extremely minimal processing. It's hard to measure, but our fabrics likely have a net positive impact on the climate.

We create beautiful, colorful clothes with ancient dyestuff like roots, flowers, minerals and leaves rather than petroleum based chemicals.

Our clothing is a commitment to caring for the earth, our community and individual wellbeing. We create what we love to wear and it is a joy to share these clothes with you.

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Hida Mountain Pants

Indisputably comfortable, yet classy enough you'll feel dressed up.

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Love Letters to Danu

My fave sweats.

Alison Wu, Oregon

I bought a set of pants and sweatshirt and some underwear.  I just wanted to reach out and let you know how yummy they are and that I wear them all the time!  Even in hawaii! The comfort level is beyond, and the story you told me about this organic cotton makes it so very special. 

Please know that your work is appreciated in all ways. You also have designed very timeless pieces.

Thanks for all the love you put into your project and for the care you give to nature....

Alison, Kaua'i

I just wanted to share with you that I am in love with this pullover. It makes me feel so safe and happy. Thank you.

Eyliana, California

Naturally Dyed

with organic & wild-harvested flowers, minerals, roots, leaves & fungi

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