FAQ & Garment Measurements: Vera Bra

FAQ & Garment Measurements: Vera Bra


Sewn from nothing but organic, natural and compostable materials this bra can be returned to the soil where it will decompose into nourishing elements I would be happy to have in my personal home garden.


Vera Bra Size Guidelines

Got personal sizing q's? We're here to help. Jot us a note and send it to support@danuorganic.com.

rib cup size size equivalent
ONE 24-27 A-C 2xs
TWO 26-30 A-C xs
THREE 28-32 A-D s
FOUR 29-33 A-F m
FIVE 30-34 B-G l
SIX 32-36 B-G xl
SEVEN 34-38 B-G xxl
EIGHT 36-40 B-H 3xl

We’re getting so many questions about bra sizes we wanted to share some sizing info before the launch. The easiest way to go about it is to choose your “regular size” and for me, (measurements 30F, typically a Danu size FOUR) since it’s a bra and bra fit can we surprising, if I was in a physical store, I’d grab the medium, large and extra large and try them all on.

Since my boobs fluctuate size throughout the month, I can actually wear all three of these sizes. I could probably wear the extra large (SIX) for years without realizing it was the wrong size and some days, it’s my true size so I am definitely keeping one size SIX. The large (FIVE) is my perfect fit and the size I will stock up on. The medium (FOUR) fits, but it’s a bit too snug for me most of the time.

I share all of this mostly to share the peace of mind that I can wear three sizes so you probably can too! Below are some measurements that should also really help you know what size you are before our launch of the Vera Bra February 4th at 10am EST.


Q: How should I wash this bra?

Machine wash cold or warm is okay with a natural detergent and air dry for maximum longevity. Since this bra gets it's elasticity from natural tree rubber – not plastic – it doesn't tolerate high heat drying. That said mine has occasionally been tumble dried on low and comes out fine. This is of course particular to my dryer and I can't make guarantees for your dryer.

Q: Since the bra is an undergarment, do you accept returns for it? 

Yes, the Vera Bra is eligible for return like any of our garments. Please see our full return policy for details. We don't resell returns online for sanitary reasons but will sell them in person with full disclosure that they may have been washed, worn or tried on.



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