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Organic Socks Tall

Danu Organic

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Organic USA grown and knit socks to match our clothes because that's fun! Sold by the single pair.

Get a single pair, or use the code LOTSOFSOCKS for 15% off 3 pairs of any color, short or tall, of your choice.

INGREDIENTS: Organically grown Foxfibre® Colorganic® cotton or West Texas Organic "natural unbleached white", stretch nylon (outer foot), rubber core, nylon coated elastic (inner top)

Azure is naturally dyed in a fermented organic indigo vat.

JOURNEY: Colorganic® cotton grown in New Mexico. Organic, natural, unbleached "white" cotton grown in West Texas. 

The naturally dyed colors are dyed by our team in our Silver Lake, Los Angeles natural dye studio.

SIZING: Did you know sock sizing is different than shoe sizing? 🤯 Not many people do, so we're keeping it simple on our site and corresponding to the shoes sizes, in US sizing, you're probably most familiar with. Disregard the label on the socks in "sock sizing" language. We've thought this through for you!

CARE: To get the most life out of your garment and do what is best for the earth, machine wash cold & line dry. These socks are fine to be tumbled dry low too.

"put them on IMMEDIATELY. never taking off." 

 Erin Boyle of @readtealeaves

As a very small business, we ask that you place an order over $35 to make shipping & handling costs make sense for you and us. You can still order under $35, but shipping costs get much more reasonable over $35... and free over $75! This applies to US customers only. International rates are calculated at checkout.

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