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Organic Linen Kitchen Towel

Organic Linen

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Durable, gorgeous and long-lasting, these linen towels are a favorite kitchen staple. Use them to dry your hands, wipe up cooking messes or line baskets of piping hot biscuits.

Linen has unbeatable durability and is very absorptive, making it the ideal material for a kitchen towel. Ours are made from organic linen, which is hardly ever used commercially.  This means our linen was grown in healthy soil and healthy soil make healthy plants which makes for healthy fabric, so our linen is even more durable than most linens.

We were able to tuck this into the cutting pattern for the Garden Blouse, using what would have been scrap, so it is zero waste. We gave it an organic cotton loop for easy hanging but kept it unbranded so it can reflect your taste in design and cooking.

length: 24.25" inches, width: 17.25" inches

INGREDIENTS: Towel is 100% organic linen and hanging loop is undyed, unbleached organic cotton.

JOURNEY: Organically grown in Belgium and sewn at a woman-owned factory in San Francisco, California.

CARE: Machine wash cool or warm and either tumble or hang dry. It's durable!

END OF LIFE: You can compost this towel with your kitchen scraps, even in a home compost!

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