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Ojai Lounge Shorts

Sally Fox's Colorganic® Green Rib Knit

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Sewn from the more rare "green" colorganic® cotton, you can't help but feel these shorts are special. Whether you're out and about or lounging at home, they'll be your summertime go-to.

Easygoing in fit and vibe, style them with a lightweight tank and you are ready for whatever adventure summer holds.

Also available in undyed colorganic® brown french terry.

The green colorganic® is pH reactive, meaning it responds to things like citrus that aren’t pH neutral. But, a wash with a pH neutral detergent will shift it back to it’s original color over and over again. Since it does shift back with a simple wash, don’t worry. This is an amazing and rare property of this natural fabric.

INGREDIENTS: Colorganic® green rib knit or colorganic® brown french terry, 90% organic cotton/10% elastic waistband, organic white cotton drawstring, GOTS certified organic threadnatural cotton tag printed with plastic free ink

JOURNEY: Organically grown in New Mexico, consciously spun & knit in North Carolina and fairly sewn at a woman-owned factory in San Francisco, California

DESIGN: We took paid incredible attention to detail to make these shorts as healthy for our bodies and the planet as they potentially could be. We sourced colorganic® drawstring made in Japan for the adjustable drawstring cord. Typically, wherever you see a button/cord hole, there is hidden plastic interfacing. We used organic cotton muslin instead, even though nobody can see it. It was more difficult to sew and added a bit to the cost, but so worth it to avoid unnecessary, hidden plastic.

SIZING: See our sizing guide and garment measurements blog post to choose your best fit.

NOTE FROM SARAH: My favorite colors are shades that shift in the light, registering as different colors throughout the day. This fabric is predominantly a sage green, but as the light changes, it can take on tones of ashy gray, or sometimes a soft blond.

CARE: To get the most life out of your garment and do what is best for the earth, machine wash cold & line dry. Because the only option to pre-shrink our fabric was a toxic chemical wash, we intentionally designed our clothes to shrink a bit the first wash. Full details here. And don't worry - these are durable clothes that are easy to care for!

GO THERE: Learn about the true cost of fast fashion with this documentary.

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Melissa wears a size five and Jay wears a size six. Melissa's bust/chest measurement is 38", waist 28.5" and hips 41". Jay's bust/chest is 43", waist 34" and hips 43".

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