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Hida Mountain Pants

Climate Beneficial Wool

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Made to order. Will ship in 2-4 weeks. (We're aiming for 1.5 weeks but giving ourselves some wiggle room on our first made-to-order piece.)

Named after the majestic Hida Mountain Range in central Japan, where I dreamed up this design on a snowy winter hot spring trip, these pants are the embodiment of elegance.

Indisputably comfortable, yet classy enough you'll feel dressed up. Most people do not find this wool itchy because it was sorted and only the finest of fibers selected for this fabric. I personally think it's ridiculously soft.

INGREDIENTS: 100% climate beneficial undyed & unbleached wool, 100% compostable 40mm elastic waistband, undyed & unbleached thread, cotton tag printed with plastic free ink

PROCESS: Fabric made from wool of the sheep living on Emigh Stock Ranch in Rio Visto, California, milled by Imperial Yarns in Terrebonne, Oregon. Sewn individually in-house in Alameda, California by our patternmaker who's been with us since day zero.

SIZING: See our sizing guide to choose your best fit.

NOTE FROM SARAH: Sure, I say "sustainable" when talking about our clothes but it's not a focus because even though we have some of the most "sustainable" clothes on the market, most things we buy aren't sustainable and like 99% of the stuff being called sustainable fashion these days sadly can not be sustained by the earth. That's where Fibershed comes in with this certification. Buying these pants certifiably sequesters carbon and improves the climate. Wow.

CARE: These pants don't need a lot of cleaning because wool wicks away spills and resists dirt and dust. Between wears, store in a place with good airflow like hanging in a closet. Or for a super refresh, in the sunshine. Spot clean with cool water and a clean cotton rag. Or, you can dry clean these pants if you wish.

GO THERE: Learn about the journey of this wool from sheep to pants here. Please note that although Imperial Yarns discusses dyeing, ours is undyed but the rest is accurate.

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