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Climate Beneficial Wool Dryer Ball Kit

Full Circle Wool

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Save a bit of money and have a whole lot of fun making your own wool dryer balls! This kit is a fun way to involve kids in slow fashion or dip your toes into the world of felting.

Made exclusively with Climate Beneficial wool from Ferndale Farms and packaged in an organic cotton bag handmade by Northern California seamstress, Bonnie.

Wool dryer balls cut down significantly on drying time, saving energy and money on your electricity bill AND they extend the longevity of your garments. Dryer lint is your clothes slowly falling apart over time and less machine drying means less falling apart. They're pretty much an essential when drying bulky items like comforters and really come in handy during winter months when line drying outside is not as often a possibility.

Comes with easy to follow instructions and all materials needed. Have fun!

Makes three dryer balls.

INGREDIENTS: 100% climate beneficial™ wool from Ferndale Farms in Northern California, organic cotton bag, brown kraft paper instructions

JOURNEY: Wool sourced from Ferndale Farm and felted by Full Circle Wool, both in Northern California.

CARE: Just leave them in or on the dryer between uses. No care required.

END OF LIFE: Compost in your home garden or city compost.

GO THERE: Check out Fibershed's instagram for a celebration of all things wool and climate beneficial fibers.

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