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Climate Beneficial™ Wool Sponges

Full Circle Wool

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Tough on grimey pots yet as soft as a sheep so they don't leave scratches. These sponges last longer than normal plastic sponges and don't get so smelly.

Sarah went on a crazy search for sponges that weren't breaking down into microplastics as they were used because her sink on SV Blossom drains straight into the body of water they're floating on. But they're not just for that. Once you've tried a wool sponge, there is no going back. The marriage of abrasive strength, gentleness and biodegradability simply can not be matched.

These sponges were designed with dishes in mind, but feel free to use them where you need sponges. They are suitable from everything from exfoliating the skin to general household cleaning.

INGREDIENTS: 100% climate beneficial™ wool from Ferndale Farms in Northern California; natural white sponges are 100% white whereas the darker ones have a gray front and a natural white back

JOURNEY: Wool sourced from Ferndale Farm and felted by Full Circle Wool, both in Northern California.

SIZING: These start off 5" x 5" but shrink slowly overtime as they continue to felt. Sarah likes to cut these into four because she likes small sponges but she hears most people prefer them whole. Up to you!

CARE: Simply cleanse with soap and warm water after each use and lay flat in a dry spot. Set in the sun to solar cleanse.

END OF LIFE: Compost in your home garden or city compost.

GO THERE: Check out Fibershed's instagram for a celebration of all things wool and climate beneficial fibers.

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