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Andros Classic Dress Shirt

Organic Japanese Broadcloth

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We make the clothes we've been searching for in the healthy, organic fabrics we're known for and it's about time for a classic dress shirt!

Some things don't need reinvented so we designed this dress shirt as classically as possible down to the differing size of buttons. What we did do differently from almost all dress shirt makers is selected a crisp 100% organic cotton and went to the trouble of ensuring the button placket and collar are free of fusible plastic interfacing. 

Also available in a boxy, unclassic versionConsider pairing with a matching scrunchie.

INGREDIENTS: Organic cotton broadcloth grown at a farm we one day hope to visit in Lambayeque, Peru

JOURNEY: Grown in Lambayeque, Peru, woven in Tokyo, Japan and sewn in Los Angeles

SIZING: Fits true to size.

CARE: To get the most life out of your garment and do what is best for the earth, machine wash cold & line dry. Or, tumble dry low. Because the only option to pre-shrink our fabric was a toxic chemical wash, we intentionally designed our clothes to shrink a bit the first wash. Full details here. And don't worry - these are durable clothes that are easy to care for! Plus, we even accept garments back after you wash and wear them.

END OF LIFE: This dress shirt is 100% plastic free so compost in your home or city compost.

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Charlie wears the size five. Sarah wears the size four. Lou is showing an oversized fit, wearing the size four when her size based on measurements is the size two.