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Artfully Mended Barcelona Pullover Size Small

Danu Organic

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Our first foray into visible mending as a company! Artist and member of team Danu Lily Martine Baxter selected Sally Fox's variegated yarn to cover a few specks of iron on Barcelona Pullovers dyed luminous black. This is definetly an improvement on a plain solid Barcelona if you ask us!

Back is totally normal — no mending. Mending is on front as pictured.

Our top seller, the Barcelona Pullover, flows & flatters.

The architecture of this sweater is loosely inspired by an old knit fast fashion sweater Sarah picked up in Europe wwoofing years ago and wore until it unraveled. To Sarah, this piece represents how far and how fast people can come.

The Barcelona Pullover dresses up well with bold, gold earrings, but it’s cozy enough you’ll want to wear it all day, every day. Make a monochromatic statement by pairing it with the Hida Mountain Pants.⁠

INGREDIENTS: Colorganic® sepia french terry, GOTS certified organic thread

JOURNEY: Organically grown in New Mexico, consciously spun & knit in North Carolina and fairly sewn at a woman-owned factory in San Francisco, California

DESIGN: Made to last from thick, durable french terry. It tends to darken every so slightly over time — barely noticeable but a little magical if you’re paying attention.

SIZING: See our sizing guide to choose your best fit. Due to the flowy cut of this garment, most people can wear two sizes. One just looks more fitted and one more flowy. So if you're between sizes, choose the look you're going for.

CARE: To get the most life out of your garment and do what is best for the earth, machine wash cold & line dry. Because the only option to pre-shrink our fabric was a toxic chemical wash, we intentionally designed our clothes to shrink a bit the first wash. Full details here. And don't worry - these are durable clothes that are easy to care for!

END OF LIFE: If it's in decent shape, you can send it to our Infinite Returns Program but if it's threadbare, simply add it to your compost pile or bury it in the soil. It will decompose into components that nourish the soil.

GO THERE: Learn about the true cost of fast fashion with this documentary.

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Sarah is wearing a regular, not visibly mended one for you to see this item on a person. Item pictured flatlay is actual item.