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3/4" Corozo Nut Button

Danu Organic

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It took us some time to find a versatile button made out of a compostable material. This is the button we use for our Paros Sleep Shirt and Indigo Capris. It's a great size for a pants button, or gives a whimsical look to a shirt.

Most buttons are plastic these days, but we sourced a corozo nut button to keep our clothes compostable. It's so hard you might confuse it with plastic if you didn't know better, but it's from the shell of a corozo palm tree nut.

Whether you're mending Danu, or sewing a new shirt of your own, we love these buttons and are sure you'll find them useful. We're so happy to finally have got them up on the website!

This button is actually 0.78" to be super specific, which is equivalent to 20 mm or 32 lignes is classical button sizing.

Also available in 1/2".

INGREDIENTS: corozo/tagua nut

JOURNEY: Grown and Ecuador, shaped in Italy

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