Meet Sarah Danu

Meet The Founder - Sarah Danu - Danu Organic

"I spend my days intentionally immersing myself into where I am until I lose my sense of self."

I started this business during a long journey with autoimmunity that caused me many health issues which displayed on my skin. I’ve been free of dis-ease since the fall of 2018, coinciding closely with the moment I first set sail into the great ocean. During that time of healing from autoimmunity, I tried many things to re-establish balance in my body. Since my skin was the messenger of internal issue, I shifted my wardrobe over to clothing that could not possibly harm me because I spend my days wrapped in clothing.

In this process, I learned an enormous amount about myself and my interconnection with the entire supply chain of clothing, how it impacts the environment and the connected social justice issues. Of course, buying less is best, but I learned clothing that is healthy for my body, tends to be better for the people involved in the garments’ supply chain and the planet. How wonderful is that? As I do need a way to make a living in this society, I am happy to offer you these thoughtfully constructed garments which have been multidimensionally healing for me.

Before I am a designer of clothing, I am a designer of life. Primarily my own, and of course affecting everyone I am in one way or another connected to. I seek to surround myself in quality people, places and items that do more good than harm…. Afterall, there is no neutral. I spend my days intentionally immersing myself into where I am until I lose my sense of self. My clothing is inspired by this experience. It’s comfortable enough you can lose yourself. It’s sharp yet, due to the plant-based nature, delicate — a result of good intentions in every step of the process.