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Meet The Founder

Meet The Founder - Sarah Danu - Danu Organic

It’s me, Sarah Danu, the founder & creator of Danu Organic. Danu Organic was practically an accident. It was sustainable fashion week and I was attending a few sustainable fashion events in my community with no agenda.
At one of these events, I met Sally Fox

 —  Sally has been breeding and growing colored cotton for over thirty years through many challenges. She’d just gotten to a place where she was ready to turn her colored cotton bolls (yes, that is the correct spelling) into fabric. I fell in love and immediately pre-ordered 1000 lbs. The very day I met her. This quantity of cotton was necessary for our North Carolina mill to even consider making the fabric.

Over the next year, Sally & I worked together to bring Danu Organic to life, successfully launching in June of 2019.

My mission for Danu Organic is big: Get naturally colored, organic clothes in the awareness, and eventually the closet, of every person.

Designing the clothing has proven a stimulating, fun challenge for me. I'm not a designer by training, but I have always had an excellent eye for beauty. I grew up sewing quilts & scrunchies with my mom. I've found these skills, as well as a sharp intuition and organization, to be a great clothing clothing design toolkit. As the business is growing, I am sinking deeper & deeper into the creative process in order to create uniquely stunning yet very wearable clothing.

This company is a direct reflection of my personal values. We don't do anything for show. We do things the right way — which is often the longest & hardest. Thanks for being here on my journey with Danu.

When I'm not working on Danu Organic, I can be found hosting my podcast, Contrapreneur, making sprinkles, or at home on my lovingly restored 1974 sailboat, where I live simply & sustainably at sea with my partner.