We need to think of clothing differently.

Most clothes are made from natural fiber that has been altered so extremely it's barely recognizable. Or, they're derived from crude oil. The majority of clothing production worldwide is environmentally unsustainable and exploits people.

Our objective is to pursue production of the healthiest clothes in the world at a scale that makes them as accessible as possible.

That's why we refer to the fabric, natural dyes and every other element that makes a Danu Organic garment as an ingredient. This helps us remember that our shirts, like granola, soup or pizza sauce, is made from either plants... or toxic harmful ingredients! This parallel keeps us aware internally and hopefully will be a paradigm to bring awareness to more people.


Organic French Terry

Sepia French Terry

Our french terry was designed by legendary cotton breeder & farmer, Sally Fox. It's a blend of 50% organic brown "coyote" cotton and 50% organic white acala cotton. Both are farmed with care in New Mexico. Incredibly soft to the touch, this fabric feels like a good hug.





 Sepia Jersey

Also a creation of Sally Fox, this organic jersey has a radiant depth to it's color. It's a blend of 70% white acala cotton and 30% brown "coyote" cotton. All grown organically in New Mexico.

Sepia Rib Knit

(photo coming soon) Like our sepia jersey, the rib knit is a blend of 70% white acala cotton and 30% brown "coyote" cotton grown organically in New Mexico. It has a bit more stretch to it than the other fabrics and makes excellent undergarments. We also use it for collars on designs like our t-shirts.

We're currently testing natural, organic dyes on these fabrics and building relationships with other farmers to add other types of fibers to our line over the coming years.


We have two types of elastic. One we're proud of — it's made from 90% organic, unbleached, undyed cotton and 10% polyurethane. It's made in Japan from organic Japanese cotton. We use it in our Mendocino Low Rise and a couple more garments being released soon.

The other we're not so proud of is a plastic elastic. We're actually not even quite sure where or what it is. On production day, I arrived with my largest Japanese elastic for the french terry pants, but the factory said it wasn't wide enough and they could not use it. So, we have an elastic that I ran out and quickly got from a local shop in the Hida Mountain Pants. We are actively searching for a healthy elastic to use next time but it's not easy to find. Please feel free to send any leads to

This is an old industry and googling is getting us nowhere. Really neither of these elastics are ideal so we are seeking an organic cotton/natural rubber version, or, ideally, we have our eyes on this super special 4-way stretch cotton knit that may be a reality soon.

All elastic should be cut out of the clothing before composting. Learn more here.