We are informed by the inherent integrity of our chosen fabric and the sources from which they come. Just like wine has terroir, fabric made from plants in healthy soils will be different than fabrics grown in healthy soils and express a terroir of its' own. We handle each fabric, exploring its texture, drape and other qualities, letting it tell us what it would like to be.

We feel called to give the same level of attention to our other materials like thread, dye buttons. So many companies call their clothes organic, yet dip it into a toxic chemical vat for color or sew it with polyester thread. An apple with plastic skin could never be called organic and we don't think a shirt with plastic thread can be either. Nature holds plentiful color and provides us biodegradable thread and corozo nut buttons to make our clothes.

The attention to process and detail can be felt the moment you hold a piece of Danu Organic. Thank you for supporting our process.