shop clothing sewn from sally fox's colorganic®

Design Process

 Sarah Danu began working with fabrics when she was a child. She wore clothes her mother sewed for her, had a hobby of stitching buttons onto a square of cloth and loved making quilts.

Today, Sarah's designs begin with the unique, naturally colored cloth that all Danu pieces are designed from. 

Combined with an eye for movement and the architecture of the body, Sarah has created timeless basics that will become staples.

More than anything, travel has shaped Sarah’s thought process. In fact, she says she's rarely had a good idea while not travelling. You’ll see the places that inspire Sarah show up in the names of the garments, the photos and her design process.

Comfort, fit & quality are a top priority, so many samples are made before production to make adjustments. This takes a bit more time and increases our costs slightly but it pays for itself because our garments are made to be loved for decades.

As we expand, Sarah hopes to give other designers who consider naturally colored cotton sacred a chance to express their visions through Danu Organic.