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Cozy Pants - Danu Organic
Cozy Pants - Danu Organic
Cozy Pants - Danu Organic
Cozy Pants - Danu Organic

Cozy Pants

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These high-vibe organic pants will keep little ones cozy & warm in even the chilliest of winters. Sewn from a thick french terry, they'll stand up to all the adventurous crawling & climbing a baby can get into!

INGREDIENTS: Colorganic sepia french terryGOTS certified organic thread & if red, organic madder root with aluminum acetate as a mordant

JOURNEY: Grown in New Mexico, spun & knit in North Carolina and sewn at a fair-pay, woman-owned factory in San Francisco, California

DESIGN: Sometimes simple is best and that's definitely the case for our cozy pants. Our customers asked for us to leave ample space for a cloth diaper and we did.

SIZING: See our sizing guide to choose your best fit. These pants fit true to size.

CARE: To get the most life out of your garment and do what is best for the earth, machine wash cold & line dry. That said, these garments are pre-shrunk and can be washed warm and tumbled dry on low without an issue.

GO THERE: Check out these medicine dolls one of our customers created from the scrap produced from sewing Danu.

Feel free to give them a wash & dry. We accept washed & worn returns if you aren't happy.

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If you order a naturally dyed piece, it may initially hold the scent of the plant that was used to dye it. It will also be a tad stiffer than an undyed garment. Both of these features will mellow with time. The color fades very little, but over time, some shift in color is to be expected and part of what makes naturally dyed pieces so special. Learn more about our organic madder root dye on the journal or check out our Natural Dye FAQ.

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