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Malecón Running Shorts - Healthy, Sustainable Clothes by Danu Organic

Malecón Running Shorts

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Coming soon! Here's a coronavirus-budget photoshoot teaser. Photos by either Sarah Danu of her partner or vice versa.

Named for the place I loved running more than anywhere I can remember... the Malecón in La Paz. Perhaps it was that I'd just completed the longest sail of my life, from San Francisco to La Paz, Mexico, so I'd been extraordinarily cooped up. From our marina, I took a left, running up a steep hill dotted with cliff caves and cacti. The view of the inland sea was extraordinary and the sheer number of people out enjoying the path created a collective energy.

INGREDIENTS: Colorganic jersey knit, GOTS certified organic thread, natural rubber elastic

JOURNEY: Organically grown in New Mexico, consciously spun & knit in North Carolina and fairly sewn at a woman-owned factory in San Francisco, California

DESIGN: With built in underwear, these shorts are as practical as they are good looking.

SIZING: See our sizing guide to choose your best fit. As we transition towards all gender sizing, sizes are given based on the standard women's size chart first followed by a size based on the standard men's size chart.

CARE: To get the most life out of your garment and do what is best for the earth, machine wash cold & line dry. Because the only option to pre-shrink our fabric was a toxic chemical wash, we intentionally designed our clothes to shrink a bit the first wash. Full details here. And don't worry - these are durable clothes that are easy to care for!

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