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Earth To Humans N°1

Earth To Humans By Danu

Mainstream sustainability talk is focused on how we can disrupt current human lifestyle as little as possible  but make it sustainable! In fact, the definition of sustainable is, "able to be maintained at a certain rate or level."

This is not enough. We're having a climate emergency and it's going to necessitate radical shifts in lifestyle, government, capitalism and really, everything.

I originally was going to call this series "Sustainable Saturdays" but the definition of sustainability is insufficient. We need to profoundly and deeply connect with the earth.

So what's a tiny, new clothing brand to do? We can discuss and share what's going on, practices to connect with the earth and tips on living more in tune with our surrounding ecosystem.

We aren't perfect yet (we're still working to replace the plastic in our - organic but still plastic - elastic) but we aim to fix that very soon and continue to cultivate this mindset of openness where, when we realize a problem, we communicate and fix it. Then we can all learn.

I aim for Danu to be a reflection of my own personal values and to be an example of what the future of business needs to look like.

In the meantime, here are some things inspiring respect for the planet this week:

    1. For The Wild Podcast - Raj Patel on Cheapness in the Age of Capitalism - This episode discusses the origins of capitalism, cheapness in relation to the prison industrial complex, the invisibility of domestic labor and care work, the fallacies of fair trade, and the enclosure of the commons. It's an enlightening listen.
    2. Fridays For Future - Thank you to everyone who is standing up and a big thank you to Greta Thunberg who has stepped into such leadership.
    3. I just finished reading this book. It is inspiring my every thought. I'd recommend you find a copy at your local library.
    4. I bought an old, used copper & brass razor off of ebay and it's super sustainable plus I've never had a better shave. Not shaving is the most futuristic but plastic-free secondhand razors follow close behind.
    5. Growing your own food is one of my favorite ways to strengthen my connection to the earth. Here's some hardy autumn & winter crops to consider. Surely it would be fun to plant one... or 100!

EARTH TO HUMANS N°1 // by Danu Organic\EARTH TO HUMANS N°1 // by Danu Organic\EARTH TO HUMANS N°1 // by Danu Organic


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