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Natural Dye FAQ

Natural Dye FAQ - Danu Organic

Today we are thrilled to release our Organic Madder Root Red Collection. This collection will be available to pre-order for 15% off (automatic - no coupon code needed) through October 18th. Pre-orders will ship in mid-November. Here we'll do a little FAQ in anticipation of some questions you may have.

Why do the colors cost more?

We thought long and hard about this. We could have also averaged the cost of the colors out over the undyed colorganic® pieces. Ultimately, we decided that in the effort of cost transparency, we decided it was best to charge the difference in cost for naturally dyeing the piece. We also hope this will cause people who have never give a thought to how clothing gets its color to consider the widespread cheapness of chemical dyes. Naturally dyeing may cost a bit more financially, but it costs much less socially & environmentally.

Will the color fade over time?

Barely! Because our colorganic® cotton is rich with tannins, the color is more steadfast that most naturally dyed pieces.

If I miss the pre-order, will you ever make more? 

We are producing our Organic Madder Root Red Collection in a very limited quantity this time because it's the first time we've ever worked with natural dyes. We'll make a whole new batch in early 2020 if we run out.

I love that you're offering some colors but I don't wear red. Do you think you'll make any other colors soon?

We'd love to! This pre-order will support the experimentation of other colors. We can't make any guarantees but indigo rib knit and a few other colors may be introduced in 2020.

I already have a Barcelona Pullover but I really want it in red now! I don't exactly need two of the same cut pullover though. Will you be doing red in other styles in the future?

Yes. We're constantly working on new designs. It's safe to expect to see designs in red french terry in the future.

Send any other questions you have to or ask in the comments below and we'll get right back to you!



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