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Loved By Danu N°1

Loved By Danu Organic

When you create a business, you can create your own paradise. You get to decide what materials, objects & people you want to work with. You get to choose what policies you feel are fair & supportive. You get to select the most sustainable packaging on earth. You get to do all of these things for no other reason than it feels right.

Not long after the beginning, as the business grows, some of the choices made initially are challenged by the very growth needed to sustain the business. Afterall, no business exists in a vacuum.

By listening to customers, tapping into new channels of inspiration, surrounding oneself with supportive people and like-minded businesses, you can set yourself up well to stay true to your values as you grow.

Here's what is inspiring Danu this week. May it inspire your Monday too!

  • Hard to be anything but a bundle of sunshine waking up to something warm in this made in LA mug
  • You may be surprised to hear the USDA commissioned 7,584 watercolors of fruit & vegetables at the turn of the 20th century. You can download & print them full size.
  • The book that inspired the Piñon Pocket Pants
  • The lunch bag I'm considering adding for my new lunch packing habit - reusable & durable
  • A film to inspire
  • The straight-walled 24 ounce ball jar is the new workhorse in my kitchen... I get them from Ocean Beach People's Co-Op



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