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A Conversation With Close Knit Podcast

We are happy to share with you that we were on Close Knit podcast! Close Knit aims to hold space for conversation about the ways we use fiber to process life and world events.

Ani, the host of Close Knit, has been encouraging Danu Organic since before we even launched. It was a pleasure to share this conversation with Ani and if you want to dive deeper into understanding what we do, or sustainable fashion in general, I'd highly recommend you give this episode a listen.

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Below is an excerpt:

"You’re listening to Episode 51 of the Close Knit Podcast and this week I spoke to  Sarah Danu of Danu Organic. You’ve probably noticed this year that I’ve focused a lot on clothing production and slow fashion in my interviews. I was thinking about this recently and I don’t know exactly why that is - it’s just been a curiosity that I’ve had, and I’ve followed it. It’s led me to so many interesting conversations with people producing clothing - from designers to makers, and I’ve learned so much about the way that people produce clothing locally - and all the steps involved in this! 

So that all led me to Sarah - who runs Danu Organic, a clothing line made from organic color grown cottons. Sarah tells me about her memories from childhood of sewing buttons onto a scrap of fabric, as she learned to sew, and a beautiful quilt project she and her mom undertook as she prepared for her first year of college. 

Sarah made a bunch of bold career decisions that led her to WOOFing and an interest in the slow food movement, which ultimately led her to seeking out solutions in slow fashion to treat our bodies, the bodies of workers, and the planet with care and respect - which led her to seeking out Fibershed in the Bay Area, and ultimately connecting to scientist and farmer, Sally Fox. 

Sarah walks me through her journey with production so far, how she’s had to let go of some of the traditional advice around timelines and launching products, she tells me about her vision for her line - offering clothing for masculine folks and children (!! which is exciting, if you’ve been around in the slow fashion scene for a minute!), and some upcoming natural dyeing on her garments."

photo from www.closeknit.com.au

photo by Hubbard Jones

photo by Hubbard Jones

Header photo by Hubbard Jones as well.





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