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Our Clothes Shrink & We're Proud Of It!

Danu Organic

Our clothes shrink a bit. It's less than industry standard so technically, we don't even have to tell customers about it but it's really important to us that we share as much information as we can to help you love and care for these clothes.

The only option available to us to pre-shrink clothing was a chemical wash powerful enough to somehow shrink entire rolls of fabric all at once. That would obviously make our clothes not organic and toxic so we didn't consider it for a second.

All of our pieces are designed to fit best after being wash and tumble dried on low. Even if you are a hardcore line drier as I am, I considered the chance that at some point in the life of this garment, it will accidentally be thrown in the wash. Maybe somebody else does your laundry or you only packed one dress for vacation and this is it and you need it dry quick! It could happen.

I think it's really important to say here that our clothes are strong and durable. They're just cotton. They don't require a lot of special care. But after the initial warm wash and tumble dry, we do recommend washing cold and air drying because it's best for the earth and it will make your clothing last the very longest.

Some of our clothes shrink just 2%... barely noticeable unless you measure before and after like I do! Some shrink up to 7%. Most pieces shrink more up than they do in. After the first wash, they won't continue to shrink if you continue washing and drying them on warm and in my experience, a hot wash won't shrink them significantly more either. People tend to only notice the shrinkage in our full length pants so if yours are too long, just wash them on warm and tumble dry and they should be a fit!

Once we're bigger, it is possible we'll be able to have our fabric finished with a hot water wash so this won't happen. But for the moment, this is the best way we've figured out to communicate and work through shrinkage while staying organic! Email us at if you have any specific shrinkage questions!

Mostly, don't worry. We carefully designed every piece with all of this information in mind to be perfect. We just wanted to share it with you in a succinct way. And you can always size up or down if needed.

Danu Organic

Danu Organic

Danu Organic

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