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Not Black Friday Sale

Danu Organic

The holidays are a tricky time for all small businesses and this year, with the majority of shopping happening online at major retailers, perhaps trickier than normal. We object theoretically to the concept of Black Friday. We believe national holidays that honor consumerism should not exist and items should be priced in a way that enables company to pay all costs - no hidden or offshored costs - and at a good base prices, making big sales not feasible. We are committed to offering our clothing at good, fair prices to start with, so deep sales don't work out for us. 

At Danu, we are saving up to sew our organic natural white cotton collection. Before the end of the year, we hope to launch our Astral Duster and at least one more piece. But things have been unpredictable due to pandemic-caused supply chain issues, so it's hard to set any concrete dates.

However, there is a need to somehow compete with the clamor of online shopping at this time of year, but at the same time, we're trying not to do any huge sales so we can save up enough money for our new garments which will be our biggest spend to date. Any of you following us on instagram know we have a lot of lovely new samples we are working to make. Waffle knit Piñons. A lymphatic-flow-minded bra. Rib knit undies. An Island Shift Dress. A waffle knit thermal or two. Kids overalls. And about 10 more! Most of these pieces will be released in 2021.

So, we are offering a way you can support us now with your holiday shopping for friends & family, and we'll give you a gift card that never expires for future purchases of our new garments. 

During this time frame, we may occasionally have a sale as we standardly do throughout the year. For example at the time of posting this blog post, our socks are on sale!


Leave a review on something you own & we'll send you a $5 gift card.

Place a $150+ order — We'll send you a $15 gift card.

Place a $200+ order — We'll send you a $25 gift card.

Place a $300+ order — We'll send you a $35 gift card.

Place a $400+ order — We'll send you a $50 gift card.

Place a $500+ order — We'll send you a $65 gift card.

Gift cards never expire. Thank you for supporting this small business over the holidays. We're also extending our return window for items purchased over the holidays. All items purchased during this sale may be returned until January 15th to facilitate guessing loved ones sizes. Comment with your q's, or reach out to anytime!

Danu Organic

Danu Organic

Danu Organic

Danu Organic

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