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Colorganic® Sepia French Terry

Our french terry is organically USA-grown in New Mexico  on a farm just south of Las Cruces.

A rich shade of sepia, our french terry has a relatively uniform blend of 50% organic brown "coyote" cotton and 50% organic white acala cotton. There are some — very few  specks of deep brown that tend to sit on top of the fabric. These are little teeny cotton seeds. We love looking down at our clothing and noticing them. A beautiful reminder of how neat of a plant we are wearing.

This fabric was designed by legendary cotton breeder & farmer, Sally Fox.

Our french terry has a dense weave, providing excellent warmth. Also due to the density, pieces sewn from our Sepia French Terry have excellent longevity. We've seen 20-year-old sweatshirts made from this fabric that have frayed around the cuffs but are otherwise in excellent shape — just a tad of character!

Shop Sepia French Terry

Shop Sepia French Terry

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